R & D and production of Industrial Slide rails and Linear guideways

Dongguan Slyway Precision Industries Co., Ltd. is a company providing solutions for linear motion systems, specializing in a wide range of industries (aerospace, railway, medical, specialty vehicles, automation, etc.) The design and manufacture of linear sliding rails, telescopic sliding rails and linear units used in industrial machines. As a global leader in linear sports products, Sildeway is headquartered in Xingang Industrial Park, Daling Mountain Town, Dongguan. To ensure effective coverage, Slideway has a huge after-sales network that ensures value-added, high-level services. Since its inception, the company Has been increasing its coverage, in fact, Slideway is mainly focused on the development of international markets. The advantage is that it provides both standard and "customized" solutions to meet customers' needs for an industry application or a particular application. The company's extensive international experience, as well as the know-how acquired by its R & D division, makes this possible. Slideway's mission is to supply mechanical components to meet customer demand for linear motion by providing the right combination of innovation and efficiency, and to provide customers in all industries with solutions that ensure significant advantages. Slideway The vision is to become a global leader in the linear movement market, as well as a well-known and mature partner in the development of linear motion applications in a wide range of industries.

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